How to Add new SMS camapaign

 SMS Campaign:

This is the section where you can create your bulk/schedule SMS campaigns to send your contacts number if your SMS API configuration has already done. You can create instant/schedule SMS Campaign from here. You can also see the all of your campaigns details which is pending/processing/completed. See reports of all pending,processing and completed campaigns. 

There are three controlling options : pause , play and force-process. Pausing campaign will stop sending sending message and playing again will restart sending again. If you think campaign has been stoped for some system failure like timeout then you can force-process the campaign to resume it again.

New SMS Campaign :

To Add new SMS camapaign click on New SMS Campaign button to get started. You will see the camapaign creation form.

Campaign Name : You have give a campaign name.

Send As: You have to select a SMS API to send Messages. You will see the dropdown of your confugured SMS APIs.

Message Template : You can choose your created SMS message template from the dropdown. You will see the list of your added message templates from SMS Template menu. Here you can write your own message instead of using Message templates.

Select Contacts : You have to select your contact group to send SMS. You can select multiple groups. Beside selecting contact groups, you can also provide manual phone number in Numbers To Send field. System will send message to both your contact groups and your manual phone numbers.

Country Code : This Section is optional. Some of If you want to Add/Remove country code to you contacts, you simply put your country code here and select an action from the right sided dropdown menu. It will Add/Remove country code from your contact number.

Schedule : If you want to send SMS instant, you can keep it Now. Or if you want to create a scheduled campaign, you have to select Later. You will see the Time and Time Zone section which are required for Scheduled campaigns.

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